The Roundup: Punishment Movie

Story In the gritty underbelly of Seoul’s cyber world, a dangerous game of cat and mouse unfolds. Detective Ma Seok-do, a tenacious and skilled investigator, finds himself embroiled in a high-stakes pursuit of Baek Chang-ki, a former mercenary turned the mastermind behind a vast online gambling empire. As the lines between virtual and reality blur, Seok-do must navigate a labyrinth of digital deception and confront the ultimate price of justice. for more k-movie visit moviesflix.


Main Cast:

Ma Dong-seokMa Seok-do, Lieutenant of the Seoul Police Agency Metropolitan Investigation
Kim Mu-yeolBaek Chang-ki, former Korean special forces and head of an online gambling organization (Main Villain)
Park Ji-hwanJang Yi-soo (Zhang Yishuai), an Arcade’s Chairman
Lee Dong-hwiJang Dong-cheol, an IT genius and young CEO of the coin industry (Sub-Villain)
The Roundup- Punishment film

Supporting Cast:

Lee Beom-sooJang Tae-soo, Captain of the Seoul Police Agency Metropolitan Investigation
Kim Min-jaeDetective Kim Man-jae, Seok-do’s dependable right-hand man
Lee Ji-hoonYang Jong-su, Detective Sergeant
Kim Do-geonJung David, the Rookie Detective
Lee Joo-binHan Ji-soo, a Detective of Cyber Investigation Unit
Kim Ji-hoonMember of an illegal online gambling site organization


  • Kim Shin-bi
  • Hyun Bong-sik

Special Appearance:

  • Kwon Il-yong


The Roundup: Punishment Movie is helmed by the talented director Heo Myung-haeng, who has crafted a reputation for delivering intense, action-packed thrillers. With his deft touch and keen eye for detail, Heo promises to take audiences on a heart-pounding journey through the dark web’s underbelly.


Prepare to be captivated by the stunning visuals that bring this cyber-crime saga to life. From the neon-lit alleys of Seoul to the sleek, high-tech interfaces of the digital realm, the film’s cinematography promises to be a feast for the eyes. Expertly crafted action sequences and cutting-edge visual effects will transport viewers into the heart of the action, blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world.

The Roundup- Punishment dual audio Movie

Release Date

The Roundup: Punishment Movie is set to make its highly anticipated world premiere at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival on February 23, 2024. This prestigious festival screening will be followed by a theatrical release in South Korea in the first half of 2024, allowing audiences worldwide to experience this cinematic tour de force.


The buildup to The Roundup: Punishment Movie has been nothing short of electrifying. As the fourth installment in the wildly popular The Roundup series, this film has captured the imagination of fans and critics alike. The buzz surrounding the star-studded cast and the film’s intricate cybercrime storyline has reached fever pitch, with anticipation reaching new heights with each tantalizing teaser and trailer release.

Newspaper Reviews

“The Roundup: Punishment Movie is a relentless thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Director Heo Myung-haeng has crafted a masterpiece of suspense, blending cutting-edge technology with gritty, street-level action.” – The Seoul Times

“Ma Dong-seok delivers a powerhouse performance as the determined detective, while Kim Mu-yeol’s portrayal of the elusive cyber-criminal is nothing short of mesmerizing. The chemistry between these two titans of acting is electric, igniting the screen with their intense cat-and-mouse dynamic.” – Chosun Ilbo

“Visually stunning and narratively complex, The Roundup: Punishment Movie is a prime example of South Korean cinema’s ability to seamlessly blend genres. From heart-pounding action sequences to mind-bending cyber espionage, this film has it all.” – Dong-A Ilbo

What Makes The Roundup: Punishment Movie Stand Out

In a sea of crime thrillers, The Roundup: Punishment Movie stands out as a beacon of originality and innovation. By delving into the murky depths of cyber crime and online gambling, the film tackles a subject matter that is both timely and immensely relevant in our increasingly digital world. With its unique blend of cutting-edge technology and gritty street-level action, this movie offers a fresh perspective on the crime genre, keeping audiences guessing until the very end.

Here are some of the things to look forward to in The Roundup: Punishment Movie:

  1. Gripping Storyline: The film’s intricate plot weaves together threads of cyber espionage, online gambling, and personal vendettas, creating a multi-layered narrative that will keep you hooked from start to finish.
  2. Stellar Performances: Led by the dynamic duo of Ma Dong-seok and Kim Mu-yeol, the cast delivers powerful and nuanced performances that breathe life into their characters, elevating the film’s emotional stakes.
  3. Cutting-Edge Visuals: Prepare to be dazzled by the film’s stunning visuals, which seamlessly blend practical effects with state-of-the-art CGI, creating a truly immersive cinematic experience.
  4. High-Octane Action: From intense hand-to-hand combat sequences to heart-pounding car chases, The Roundup: Punishment Movie promises to deliver non-stop action that will leave you breathless.
  5. Exploration of Cyber Crime: By delving into the world of online gambling and cyber crime, the film offers a thought-provoking commentary on the dangers and consequences of our increasingly digital lives.
The Roundup- Punishment dubedd movie

What Makes The Roundup: Punishment Movie Special

Beyond its gripping narrative and visual spectacle, The Roundup: Punishment Movie is a truly special film that transcends its genre. At its core, it is a character-driven drama that explores the lengths to which people will go to achieve justice and the sacrifices they must make along the way.

The film’s true strength lies in its ability to balance intense action sequences with poignant character moments, allowing audiences to form emotional connections with the protagonists and antagonists alike. Director Heo Myung-haeng’s deft handling of these contrasting elements creates a rich tapestry of tension, drama, and suspense that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Additional Details

  • The Roundup: Punishment Movie boasts an impressive production value, with a talented team of cinematographers, editors, and visual effects artists working tirelessly to bring the film’s gritty cyber world to life.
  • The film’s score, composed by the acclaimed Yoon Il-sang, perfectly complements the on-screen action, heightening the tension and emotion with its haunting melodies and pulse-pounding rhythms.
  • To ensure authenticity, the filmmakers consulted with cyber security experts and law enforcement officials, lending credibility to the film’s portrayal of cyber crime and online gambling operations.
  • The Roundup: Punishment Movie is the fourth installment in the hugely successful The Roundup series, which has garnered critical acclaim and commercial success both domestically and internationally.


The Roundup: Punishment Movie promises to be a cinematic experience unlike any other. With its gripping storyline, stellar performances, and cutting-edge visuals, this film is poised to captivate audiences worldwide. As the hype continues to build, one thing is certain: The Roundup: Punishment Movie is a must-see event that will redefine the boundaries of the crime thriller genre. Brace yourselves for a thrilling journey into the depths of cyber crime, where the stakes are high, and the lines between right and wrong blur into a tantalizing shade of gray.