Kikli: An Exciting New Punjabi Movie Starring Mandy Takhar and Amrit Maan

Featuring Mandy Takhar, Amrit Maan, and Director Jobanpreet Singh in the lead role, Kikli is a very exciting Punjabi movie that promises to be a treat for all Punjabi movie lovers. The movie also features newcomer Riyaz Khan and is based on a story of love, friendship, and passion. The cast also includes some of the best-known names in the industry including Deepak Tiwana, Sandeep Dutt, Ankita Bhargava, and Gurpreet Ghuggi. More Punjabi Movie News And Review Daily Check movies flix.

Amrit Maan’s new track ‘Kikli’

Despite his acting chops, Amrit Maan is an avid singer. He got his start singing in bands and contributed to soundtracks of hit movies such as Channa Mereya and Lover. He is no stranger to the big screen and has even starred in a number of television commercials. Amrit Maan made a name for himself in the music industry with hits such as Jatt Fire Karda and Desi Da Drum. He has also earned accolades for his acting and singing skills. He recently starred in the Punjabi film Babbar.

Amrit Maan’s new song is called Kikli and can be streamed on several streaming services such as YouTube and SoundCloud. The song’s biggest draw is its beauty full siren, Amrit Maan. The song also boasts a well-choreographed acrobatic performance by the actor in an industrial complex. It’s no wonder the song garnered a nod in a recent survey of the best singers in Punjab.

Mandy Takhar’s debut production

Known for her roles in big Punjabi films, Mandy Takhar is set to enter the industry as a producer. She has announced her maiden production Kikli. The film is scheduled to release in 2021.

This film is based on a story that has been written by Mandy Takhar. She is also involved with the film’s screenplay. The film will also feature Mahabir Bhullar, Parminder Gill, and Nimal Rishi. It is expected to showcase the traditional old-times.

The director of the movie is Kavi Raz. The lead actors of the movie are Wamiqa Gabbi, Jobanpreet Singh, and Mahabir Bhullar. This film is bankrolled by Mandy Takhar Productions.

The first official poster of the movie was released online. The poster looks like a love triangle between the three lead actors. It also features poetry written by Navpreet Kaur Sidhu. The film will also feature Jitender Shah’s music.

Currently, Mandy Takhar has been nominated for the best actress at the PTC Punjabi Film Awards. She has been nominated for her performance in the film, Mirza – The Untold Story.

Director Jobanpreet Singh

‘Kikli’ has been in the works for a while now. The project is a collaboration between Mandy Takhar and Takhar Productions and is said to be a trifecta of a cinematic experience. Kikli film is scheduled to be released on March 30, 2023. The film is said to be a must-see for Punjabi movie buffs and film buffs in general.

Kikli film is produced by Mandy Takhar and has a cast of Bollywood and Punjabi royalty. The film has been touted as the biggest film of the year and is said to be an all out entertainment smackdown. Kikli film also has a hefty budget to boot.

Kikli film also has a slew of impressive looking poster. The poster is said to contain some high-octane action. The film also has a star-studded cast including Mandy Takhar, Kavi Raz, Wamiqa Gabbi, Mahabir Bhullar, Poppy Jabbal, and the like. The poster has some of the most eye-catching posters seen in recent years.

Star cast

‘Kikli’ is the name of the upcoming Punjabi film directed by Kavi Raz. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on 30 March 2023. The movie is produced by Mandy Takhar. The film will also feature Mahabir Bhullar, Parminder Gill and Nirmal Rishi.

The movie has an estimated budget of 15 crore rupees. JP Khaira Films is bankrolling the movie. The film is expected to hit theaters in November 2020. The film is expected to portray the olden days. The movie is expected to have traditional Punjabi beats. The film will have music composed by Jay K and Jitender Shah. The film will also feature cinematography by Navneet Misser.

The film’s star cast includes Jobanpreet Singh, Wamiqa Gabbi and Mahabir Bhullar. The film is produced by Mandy Takhar and she has also written the screenplay. The movie will also feature Poppy Jabbal and Tarsem Paul. The film will also feature a concept by Kamaljit Singh.

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